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I know girl, there are a lot of variables that are out of our hands right now. But there is one thing that is not...

Your decision to TAKE BACK CONTROL!

We are bringing you a challenge like no other that has hit Barbell and Chalk training! The EMBRACE CHALLENGE! The next 8 weeks are going to teach you all of our secret tools that have taught thousands of people to grow inside out, and finally get results! Not only are you going to physically transform over this time, but mentally become more resilient than ever!

HUNDREDS of new home exercises, a program designed to drop body fat % and round your glutes, and a delicious recipe- based meal plan!

This is YOUR moment champion! Get confident, create the body you have always aspired to achieve and EMPOWER yourself!!!


  • 8 week HOME or GYM based training program
  • Home equipment needed = Set of dumbbells + booty bands (optional long resistance band, mat)
  • Training: lower body days + Upper Body workouts + 1 x HIIT full body session and running sessions to get your fitness to the next level
  • 8 week recipe-based meal plan with 7-day split meal plans to get you on track
  • Complimentary post-challenge deload guide
  • Nutrition educational Ebook