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For those ready to focus on FAT LOSS! The SHRED program will help you drop body fat whilst maintaining maximum muscle mass, strength and endurance. Combined with your 8 week meal plan, you will have me by your side and everything you need to reach your goals!

I will guide you towards:

• Dropping body fat without losing muscle tone

• Improving total body conditioning, muscular strength and endurance

• Improving exercise technique and master the key lifts.

• Progressing your overall fitness levels

• Increasing confidence in and outside the gym!

This program will suit experienced lifters and beginners alike! For girls who are looking to decrease body fat, improve their technique and confidence in the gym, learn new training modes, get stronger and fitter and make regular resistance training a part of their lifestyle!


  • -8 weeks of structured gym or home-based workouts & recipe-based meals to help you SHRED
  • -Lower/upper body focus, as well as some core workouts, low- and high-intensity cardio
  • -Higher volume of sets and reps with shorter rest periods to get you burning fat
  • -Periodized daily step goals to help keep you active and accountable throughout the day
  • -5 to 6 programmed training sessions per week
  • -Recipe-based dieting approach with macro tracking
  • -Progress tracker

*For this challenge you will need one light pair of dumbbells and a mini band!!!!