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For the next 30 days...you will work harder than you ever did in your life. This challenge is made for you to break boundaries, push your limits, and discover how much more you’re truly capable of; physically and mentally. For the next 30 days, We want you to re-prioritize what’s “important” in your life and put yourself at the top. If you can’t make yourself top priority for just 30 days of your life then we’ve got a problem...All I can ask for is your 100%. Take this seriously, commit your all, struggle, smile, and continue to push to the finish. Don’t give up, you hold great potential.

“Trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty and enjoy the beauty of becoming...because when nothing is certain, anything is possible.”

Accountability: No excuses. Commit. Execute. Grow.

*Photos are a great indicator of the “physical” transformation you achieve. We are our worst critics, so during times when you don’t see the progress you want, look back at your Day 1 photos and get inspired by the progress you see.


  • 1. Photo submission (All submissions are confidential) – send them to [email protected] (day 1- day 30)
  • - Recommendation: submit photos as soon as you begin the program. Take before photos with a sign “Day 1 #WarriorChallenge” following the requirements below.
  • - Visible sign in the photo
  • - Front, Side and Back angles
  • - Clear and Visible Lightening
  • - Submit Photos to [email protected]
  • 2. There is no giving up. Take rests, but don’t give up. In the next 8 weeks, develop strong habits that will be carried out long term. Mind > Matter
  • 3. Get a Journal. Track the time for each run. Track the weight lifted for each exercise along with the amount of rounds completed in the “AMRAP” circuits. This is crucial to do because you will need a reference to look back at as the weeks go on.
  • 4. Follow @barbellandchalk and @irene.aresti on Instagram for exercise demos.
  • 5. We encourage you to look up exercises you are having a hard time remembering. This is the best way to actually learn. Do your homework and reach out to me via Email for additional support. Tag or send us posts you want us to see. The more interactive you are, the more I can assist you! #WarriorChallenge
  • 6. Review your training the day before in case you need to ask me any questions. Be prepared for the workout so you don’t waste time in the gym looking up an exercise.
  • 7. Email: [email protected] with any questions and please use the same thread to communicate with me to prevent lost files.